• Main Compounds You Could Consider For Concrete Crack Repairs

    Cracks in your concrete, whether on the driveway, foundation walls and more, are bound to occur over time due to exposure to the elements. The occurrence of cracks can be further accelerated if your concrete is exposed to heavy loads that end up compromising the surface. Nonetheless, the appearance of cracks does not translate into your concrete structures becoming obsolete. There are compounds that could provide you with a quick and efficient solution to seal the cracks and even help in slowing down the formation of future cracks. [Read More]

  • How to Preserve the Appearance of Polished Concrete Floors

    Polished concrete floors require minimum maintenance when compared to other flooring materials, such as vinyl composite tiles. However, concrete floors can easily lose their glossy appearance if the wrong maintenance practices are used. This article discusses some suggestions that you can implement in order to avoid unwittingly destroying the glossy appearance of that polished concrete floor. Select Cleaners Carefully Floor cleaners that are too acidic or too alkaline will have an adverse effect on the concrete floor. [Read More]