2 Unique And Visually Stunning Concrete Driveway Ideas Using Exposed Aggregate

Posted on: 22 June 2017

Concrete is a popular choice for new driveways. It's easy to understand why, it's incredibly durable, readily available, and cost-effective. If the thought of a concrete driveway doesn't sound all that inspiring, you'll be pleased to know that there are many creative and unique options to make your driveway a bit less ordinary.

Exposed aggregate is an excellent choice for a decorative driveway look. The small pieces of stone or pebbles that are used as a binding material are exposed by eroding the top layer of concrete before it has completely cured. This not only looks great, it also provides a driveway surface that has more traction for your vehicles.

If you like the idea of exposed aggregate, then here are two highly creative and visually stunning ideas that you might like to try.

1. Polished glass aggregate

If you'd like a more colourful and vibrant look for your driveway, then using small pieces of polished glass may be the perfect choice. These can be used in conjunction with a traditional aggregate material such as gravel or bluestone for a more subtle look, or you can really make an impression by using the glass on its own.

Polished glass comes in a multitude of colours, so you can really personalise the look of your exposed aggregate. You can opt for a single colour or a mix of a few contrasting but complementary colours. For real visual impact, you can go with a full spectrum of different colours to achieve a vivid rainbow effect.

2. Seashell aggregate

If you live by the beach or simply wish that you did, using seashells for aggregate is a beautiful and stylish option. Seashell aggregate comes with a variety of different shell varieties and they will be a mixture of intact shells and broken pieces. This will help to recreate the look of a shell-strewn beach right in your driveway.

Seashell aggregate looks most effective with a sandy coloured concrete mix. To get this colour you'll need to use a concrete colourant. These are added to the concrete during the mixing process and come in a wide variety of hues that will be suited to a beach-side look for your driveway.

To organise the preparation of your new concrete driveway, contact your local concrete contractor. They can help you decide which decorative aggregate will be best for the look you're aiming to create and advise you on which concrete colourant will best suit your chosen aggregate.