Reasons to Install Concrete Flooring in Your Warehouse

Posted on: 31 May 2017

Concrete is typically associated with exterior flooring supplies, whether for commercial or residential applications. However, over the years, more and more people realise that concrete provides a host of benefits for situations like warehouse building. The use of concrete is particularly advantageous if you require flooring that would be able to withstand heavy traffic without its structural integrity becoming compromised. So what are some of the reasons to install concrete flooring in your warehouse?

Concrete flooring is highly resilient

One of the primary attributes of concrete flooring is its high durability. The structure of concrete provides it with inherent strength, which makes it one of the most resilient building supplies that you could choose. Since it is incredibly strong, it is the perfect option or commercial buildings such as warehouses as you can be assured heavy machinery such as pallet trucks, scissor lifts and the overall weight of the goods stored in the warehouse will not pose a risk of damage to the surface of the flooring. The concrete flooring will also be resistant to scuffing, chipping, crumbling or cracking.

Concrete flooring is virtually maintenance-free

Having a warehouse translates into contending with spills and grime on a routine basis. This accumulation of dirt is especially prevalent if you are storing items that are in loose solid form or in a liquid state. If you do not make the right choice of flooring, you will find your warehouse staff spending a considerable amount of time cleaning up stains, embedded dirt and more. When you install a concrete floor in your warehouse, the primary maintenance measure to take is sealing the floor and then sweeping and mopping as needed.

Epoxy is the most popular alternative, as it not only adds aesthetic appeal to the concrete, but it stops it from becoming porous. Any spills that happen on the epoxy flooring can be easily cleaned of without much elbow grease. Epoxy coating is also resistant to chemicals, so your flooring will not have any reactions with chemical agents that could be present in the goods being stored. As a result, your concrete flooring remains virtually maintenance-free as long as its epoxy coating is in pristine condition.

Concrete flooring is highly adaptable

A misconception that some individuals may have about concrete flooring is that it has a bad appearance. Thus, some commercial property owners who have more than just a warehouse on the site may not be attracted to this flooring option. In reality, concrete is highly adaptable and can be customised into a myriad of appearances. Whether you want to add a pop of colour using etching or make your flooring tactile using decorative patterns, you will find concrete flooring to suit your aesthetic.